Education isn't enough

Anyone can show you which button to push or give you a list of top apps. But how many techies give you a feeling of true confidence? With us, you will master technology and explore new potential.

Invest in productivity

There is a lot of work to do. So, why allow yourself to be surrounded by stacks of notes and lists in this day and age? Let us help you harness technology into a never-sleeping, always-sorting personal assistant.

Protect your Family

The internet opens the exploration of unimagined worlds. But like any powerful tool, it can also be abused. We can help you put measures into place so that your family is protected from unintended territories.


Group Workshops

People should be confident with their most powerful tools. For years, Appinstructor has been delivering dynamic, interactive, custom workshops to a variety of venues and audiences. We simply love empowering users. Each workshop is uniquely designed to fit your group's needs. Use the templates below as starting points, and let us know how to best craft your next event!