We have had 3 appointments with Appinstructor, and each time we appreciate how well it was worth the fee. Rick and Scotty were both so knowledgeable, AND able to teach/convey that knowledge in a relaxed way that is easy to absorb.  The company is so efficient, reliable, and professional.  They are completely responsive to specific questions, and teach you how to solve the issues, not just relay a bunch of “steps”.  When they leave, you know you have learned something that will stay with you!
— Susanne & Ben W.
As a mother of a preteen and a small business owner, I have had Rick come to my home for tutorials on a regular basis. With a busy schedule, I find this extremely convenient and time efficient. He has taken my mess of a computer, cleaned it up, and increased my knowledge as it pertains to my business and the social media that my children will be exposed to. Basically, he has helped to keep me up to date as computers become more sophisticated and intertwined in my daily life. Rick is extremely knowledgeable and professional, and at the same time he has an easy disposition that translates will into his teaching style.
— Kelly H.
Rick, just a quick note to say thank you for the wonderful workshop this morning in Montgomery. I feel like I am in the Ice Age when it comes to the new technology. Today let me know that I am not alone. I also just ordered the new iPad 4 to replace what I think was Steve Jobs’ original iPad! You are a fantastic teacher. I think you made all of us dummies feel a little less dumb. Again, thank you for your time and expertise.
— Randy J.
Appinstructor did a fabulous job - the best 1 1/2 hour investment I have ever made. He was knowledgeable, easy to work with, and showed me how to do exactly what I needed to do. I definitely have more sessions in my future!
— Kathryn M.
The Appinstructor was an amazing teacher. He explained everything on my list simply and insisted that I be the one to do the actual computing. It was all so easy!
— S.V.
Rick is a real pro. If it has to do with Apple, he knows it and knows it very, very well. Even more important is his ability to teach novices all about it. His knowledge is formidable. His way with people is patient and user-friendly. I highly recommend him, whether you’re a novice or a pro yourself.
— Cathy P.
My granddaughter and I did FaceTime last night. It was fun and so easy. Thank you so much for opening up a brand new, fun, interesting world to me!
— Thomas T.
The Appinstructor was 100% professional and very knowledgeable as well as a very good instructor.  I am speaking into my computer and that is very helpful to me since my hands not work very well.  To most people that would seem like a very small thing, but to to me it is huge.
— Kevin T.
One of the people in my life who increases my sense of thankfulness is Rick. He helps me without being impatient when I get stuck with technology. His skills far exceed mine, and he is good at guiding my understanding of cyberconcepts. While our relationship is strictly professional, I consider him my best friend when it comes to situations with Apple that are beyond my scope.
— Sally J.

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