15: Design to Development with Aaron and Jared

Rick is joined this week by long-time friend of the show, Aaron Mahnke, and first-time guest, Jared Sinclair. Jared is one of two developers behind the wildly popular App.net clients Riposte and Whisper.

Aaron recently downloaded Xcode in hopes of learning more about the development process, and thereby improve his design business. So, the three of us chat about learning the trade of those with whome we work closely, multiple career moves, and design in general. As you're about to find, we have a very lively conversation.

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I am an Apple Certified Support Professional with over a decade of experience supporting families, schools, and businesses. Tech has always captured my imagination, but it's not my only passion. I'm an ordained Anglican minister;  Aeropress is a daily ritual of mine; I've driven across Mongolia; and I'm the father of three girls. I hope to provide for you a balanced and realistic perspective into the practicality of technology.