15: Design to Development with Aaron and Jared

Rick is joined this week by long-time friend of the show, Aaron Mahnke, and first-time guest, Jared Sinclair. Jared is one of two developers behind the wildly popular App.net clients Riposte and Whisper.

Aaron recently downloaded Xcode in hopes of learning more about the development process, and thereby improve his design business. So, the three of us chat about learning the trade of those with whome we work closely, multiple career moves, and design in general. As you're about to find, we have a very lively conversation.

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14: Recipe for a Nerd with Shawn Blanc

A little bit of this and a little bit of that, and then boom, you have a very capable Mac user. Tune in for our recipe of amazing Mac apps that should be in your toolbelt.

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13: Joshua Miller, designer and tech trainer

Joshua is a friend who just recently left the Apple Store. He was a trainer at the fruit stand, and is now venturing into the world of freelance training and design. We talk about the wonderful things we each learned at the Store, and then turn our attention to how people not fanatical about technology are responding to iOS 7.

12: NSA and Cyber-Security with Rehmus and Rhone

Jason Rehmus and Patrick Rhone join me this week to discuss the NSA and cyber-security. We talk through the extense to which every American is under surveillance, whether or not going "off the grid" is worthwhile, and what steps you can take to ensure a more responsible America for the future. Yes, we sound a bit paranoid in this episode, but hopefully what you learn here will help you stay informed about what exactly is at stake.

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11: Bradley Chambers, IT director and writer

Bradley Chambers, who is in charge of IT for a private school in Chattanooga, joins Rick today to talk about his recent projects. A bit ago, Bradley released a screencast series that showed people how to fall in love with Evernote. Now, Bradley is about to release a similar guide for those who have ever been frustrated with managing pictures on their Apple devices. Learning to Love Photo Management is his new book where he boldly encourages people to ditch iPhoto and turn to an easy-to-setup solution based on Dropbox and Everpix. Enjoy!

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