What’s Important from Apple’s September Event

For years, Apple has introduced new mobile devices at their September event. This week proved to keep the tradition alive, and we now know Apple’s lineup as we head into the holiday season. Here are the highlights from this week’s Apple media event.

Apple Watch

Same guts, new colors, and a few new bands. For current owners of the Apple Watch, watchOS 2 will be available for download on September 16th. Not much else to say here.

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iPad Pro

It’s an iPad with a 12.9” screen — nearly twice as large as a normal iPad. More powerful than most desktop computers, runs two apps side by side, has four speakers, and pairs well with two new amazing accessories: the Apple Pencil, a high tech stylus, and the Smart Keyboard, a sleek case/keyboard combo. Starting at $799, the iPad Pro will be available for purchase in late October and will be highly enticing to those who do most of their computing on an iPad.

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Apple TV with Siri Remote

The big news here is that the Apple TV finally gets an App Store where you’ll be able to download apps for sports, shopping, games, and more. The redesigned remote has a touch interface and two microphones for accessing Siri. Siri will search across your media apps, like iTunes, Hulu, and Netflix, simultaneously. “Show me funny TV shows,” “Play Bond Movies with Sean Connery,” “What’s the weather in London right now?” The new Apple TV will be available in late October and costs $149.

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iPhone 6s

Roughly the same design as the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus. The tentpole feature of the new iPhone is 3D Touch. Apple claims you have to try 3D Touch for yourself in order to appreciate it. Basically, your apps will behave differently depending on how hard you press the screen. For example, pressing hard on a date and time someone texts you will pop up a preview of that day on your calendar. 3D Touch the Phone app on the home screen and quick options to call your favorites will immediately pop up. Apple claims this will change the way we use the iPhone.

The camera has received a hefty upgrade. With its 12MP sensor, you can capture 4K videos and take “live photos”, which are photographs with an extra 1.5 seconds of video captured before and after. Live photos play when holding your finger on them.

The internals are better, too: faster processor, faster wi-fi, faster LTE, better graphics, and faster Touch ID. The iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus ships with iOS 9 and will be available to preorder on September 12. 

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iOS 9 will be available to download for new enough iPhones and iPads on September 16th. Learn more →

The next version of Mac OS X, known as El Capitan, will be available for public download on September 30. Learn more →

You'll hear more from us about these impressive software upgrades in the upcoming months. As usual, we are ready and eager to help you migrate to new devices or update your existing ones. Book an appointment →

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