We're over 300

Sometime in the past few weeks, we passed a rather important milestone that I would like to share with you. Appinstructor has now served over 300 homes and small businesses. I'd like to thank our Birmingham Leader, Scotty, for taking Appinstructor new a new level and making this possible.

As you're well aware, Scotty's expertise goes far beyond his knowledge of Apple products. His patience, clear communication, and professionalism is unmatched. Appinstructor's rapid growth in the past few months is a strong testimony to your delight in Scotty's ability to kindly teach the complexities of technology.

And I would also like to thank all our customers. Many of you have become friends over the years, and we don't take it lightly that you invite us into your home. It's an honor. We look forward to continuing to empowering you with technology to communicate with loved ones, accomplish your dreams, and have fun.