Weather Apps

I'll be going on Talk of Alabama tomorrow morning to demo a couple weather apps. If I'm forgetting your favorite, let me know on Twitter.


  1. The Weather Channel: Basic weather radar app. Free.
  2. Weather Radio: After you set favorite locations, this app will alert you to any weather watches or warnings. It will pull up radar maps, and allow you to listen to weather radio in any location.
  3. RainAware: Will alert you when it's going to begin and stop raining.
  4. Fahrenheit: Basic weather app, but what sets this one apart is that it will put a red badge on your home screen, indicating the temperature.


  5. Magical Weather: Gorgeous weather app and extremely easy to use. No extraneous features. Just basic temperature and forecast.

  6. Radar Pro: Feature rich radar app. This is what you want when a storm is rolling through. It gives you very up-to-date information about severe weather.