TextExpander is my favorite business tool

I need to keep fairly detailed client notes for my business, and up until recently, I had been relying on Daylite. While Daylite can most certainly be a powerful business tool, it was way overkill for my needs. I was satisfied using MobileMe/iCal and Things for keeping track of my events and tasks, so I had a hard time justifying Daylite when I was using it strictly for client notes. So what do I use now? It’s a cocktail of Byword (a simple text editor) and TextExpander (which should be on every Mac). Rather than tell you how this works, let me show you. (Oh, and the grey screen goes away, I promise!)

Ready to take this a step further? For my consulting business, I sell something called the Five-Pack, which is a discounted rate of five hours of training. Well, keeping track of how much a client has used can be a bit tricky. What I’ve started using is Soulver, which describes itself as a simple text based calculator. The next video will show I use it together with TextExpander.

I hope you liked my goofy videos. As promised, here are those apps.

TextExpander for Mac
TextExpander for iOS
Soulver for Mac
Soulver for iPhone