Starred articles archiver

<p>I favorite articles on Twitter and Google Reader. I like articles on Facebook and&nbsp;Instapaper. But where do these all go? As it stands right now, I have to go to each&nbsp;of these services' websites to search for a certain, appreciated article.&nbsp;Instead, I wish there were a place where all these stars and likes were&nbsp;aggregated.</p>

I was thinking Evernote would be a great home for these. Already, I use it as my web article archiver, however I don't always remember to take the extra step and email or clip an article. What if Evernote automatically aggregated favorite articles from various social networks? I think it would be incredibly convenient to have one notebook in Evernote called "Social," where all my stars and favorites were kept. If you know of a way to do this, please let me know.