Spring Break in Florida

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Molly found a great place for us down in Mexico Beach, FL for our little family to holiday.  Normally, I don't post family things on this blog, but I had so much fun taking and editing pictures that I wanted to share them with you all.  I shot with my trusty Canon 30D and while the girls were napping, I'd offload the photos onto my MacBook Air, edit them in Aperture using some of Joseph's presets, and then uploaded them to MobileMe.  Head here to check out the pictures: Web Gallery.  Surprisingly, the MacBook Air did just fine with Aperture.

Also, a small plug for Aperture.  If you shoot with a Digital SLR and are looking for something more powerful than iPhoto, check out Apple's Aperture.  What used to sell for $199 is now just $80 on the Mac App Store.  Your SLR will thank you.