Shawn Blanc on Reading on the iPad

I use my iPad a lot like Shawn does. It's primarily a web reading device. Reading that's best couched in apps like Reeder and Instapaper, my two favorite apps. In fact, I wouldn't be too bothered if all the other apps fell off my iPad. Well, ok, maybe that's a stretch, but you get my point. Shawn sums up the iPad reading landscape in his usual way: through meaning packed metaphores.

Apps like Instapaper and Reeder offer more of a “reading environment” (like a library); Wired and The New Yorker are more like an amusement park with words. One isn’t better or worse than the other, but people who like to read a lot certainly don’t spend the majority of their reading time at a noisy amusement park.
He's right, and this is why I haven't gotten into the magazine apps. Wired and its cohorts feel too gimiky to me--too distracting. When it comes to reading I don't want spash and sound. I want words. If you care about reading on your iPad, add Shawn's post to your Instapaper queue. Or read it now, of course! (Via

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