Today, Apple announced the next generation iPad. In short, it's faster, sports a super crisp & clear screen, Voice Dictation, better cameras, and can connect to a 4G wireless network. It starts at $499, and I think anyone who's been holding out this long for an iPad has all the more reason to finally take the plunge. I'm most excited for the upgraded screen, which will make reading and photo browsing all the more enjoyable. Apple touts that the iPad's new screen now has more pixels than an HDTV. Wow! You can either pre-order the iPad now by visiting Apple's website, or visit the Apple Store on March 16th.

In addition to the iPad, Apple also released iPhoto for the iPhone and iPad. I've already downloaded it and have played around a bit in it. Needless to say, it takes editing and sharing pictures on your iPhone or iPad super fun. To download your copy now, click here.

Lastly, Apple updated the Apple TV as well! It sells for $99 and brings 1080p resolution to the Apple TV. Anyone who's attracted to the idea of buying and renting movies through iTunes will love this little gizmo. In my opinion, the best feature of the Apple TV is AirPlay. In fact, the Apple TV you have now supports this! AirPlay is the feature which allows you to beam media from your iPhone or iPad to your Apple TV. My wife and I use this feature constantly to play Pandora on our speakers, share photos on the TV will visiting friends, and play videos from the iPhone for our kids. In my opinion, every household should have an Apple TV. To check it out, click here.

As usual, we would love to help you set up your new Apple gear. Whether it's installing your first Apple TV or upgrading to the new iPad, myself or the other trainers would love to show you the best tips and apps to get you running in no time. To book an appointment, click here.