Quick recap: Lion

The Skinny

Lion is the next major software upgrade for the Mac being released in July. It will be downloadable for $30 through the Mac App Store. The aim of Lion is to bring the ease-of-use and modernity of iPad/iPhone to the Mac.

Major Features


View and launch your apps just as you would on an iPad.

Auto-Save & Versions

Never lose your progress on a document again. Lion will auto-save and keep track of past document versions, allowing you to quickly roll back and restore.

New Mail

Complete overhaul of the Mac email program. Expect a cleaner interface, helping you respond quicker and stay focused longer.

Mission Control

Get a bird’s eye view of everything your Mac is doing. And then with one click, hope to the task at hand.

Multi-Touch Gestures & Full Screen Apps

Gives that iPad feel to your Mac.

Common questions

Should I buy Lion right when it comes out?

In my experience, it is best to wait until Apple releases an update to squelch any bugs found in the initial release. My guess is that the first update to Lion will be in August.

Can you install Lion for me?

Yes, and I would love to. When Lion is released, I will install it on your Mac while I train you on its features on my Mac. I hope to offer a workshop on Lion after its release as well.

What if I don’t have Snow Leopard?

Snow Leopard can be purchased from an Apple Retail store for $30. If you want me to buy and install it on your Mac, please contact me.

Where can I learn more?

Apple’s website, click here.

What small businesses need to know, click here.

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