Quick recap: iOS 5

The Skinny

iOS 5 is the new iPhone and iPad operating system that will be released this fall. It will run for iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4, iPad, and iPad 2. It will be a free software update available through iTunes.


Major Features

PC Free
Sync your device wirelessly to your computer. Ensuring it is always up to date with the latest software, photos, music, contacts, calendars, etc.
Notification Center
One stop location for notifications from Messages, Twitter, Facebook, calendar events, etc. No more losing track of your important reminders.
New built-in todo list with location aware tasks. Eg. When I arrive at the mall, remind me to buy a present for Mom.
Enhanced Camera
Crop, rotate, and edit your photos, straight from the Camera app. Also, quickly access the camera from your lock screen as well as use the volume up button as the “take picture” button.
Much More
Twitter integration, Newsstand, new messaging service called iMessages, and much more is available through the iOS 5 update.


Where can I learn more?

Apple’s website, click here.
Really geek out by reading this writeup.

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