Photos for Mac is out now, and it's going to change your life

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Lets get real: managing your photos with iPhoto has been a pain in the you-know-what. Clients and friends are always asking us what to do when storage gets full or when your iPhoto Events and Albums is a big mess. Well, the new Photos app from Apple is meant to solve all of your photo problems.

The all new Photos for Mac is designed to replace iPhoto and fill the needs of most Mac users with automatic organization, brilliant editing tools, and iCloud integration.

Photos isn't for everybody — if you're more comfortable in Lightroom or Photoshop, you may find Photos a bit lacking. For everyone else it's a massive upgrade in speed, ease of use, and joy. With Photos, it's fun to look at your photos again!

The biggest improvement is that it adds the ability to sync and store all of your photos in iCloud using something called iCloud Photo Library, which we have been testing out the past month on the pre-release version. It's a way to funnel all of your photos coming from your iPhone, iPad, or a digital camera into one storage place — iCloud. The pictures from your various devices will be automatically uploaded to a central storage place that will sync with every other device. No more wondering where your photos are, as they're all in iCloud.

Having your photos in iCloud means that all of your edits, changes, or organization syncs across devices. Also, you can set each device to either store all of your photos or optimize for storage space, so you can still have all of the hard copies on your trusty Mac, but on your space-starved iPhone it will only keep as many as it has room for. If you run out of space, your iPhone will still be able to see all the photos, but it just won't have the beefy hard copies. You'll need the internet to see them in full resolution, which everyone has all the time now.

It also has some extremely powerful, simple editing controls that we're obsessed with. It's incredibly easy to do all the same editing you did with iPhoto but much simpler and faster. It has intelligent sliders for Light and Color to fine tune your images, and adds some cool creative filters and black and white settings.

We highly recommend getting the new Photos app from Apple. To get it, fire up the App Store on your Mac and download the OS X Yosemite 10.10.3 update. Once you install the update, the new Photos app will be on your dock. Upon opening it will convert your iPhoto library to the new format.

It's a pretty automatic process, but if you're nervous and need some help, feel free to book an appointment with us. We would love to help.

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