Parental control service, Curbi, reports 2014 kids' usage statistics

 Image from  Curbi .

Image from Curbi.

Curbi is a relatively new parental control service for iOS. With it, parents are able to monitor their kids' use of the iPad, set time limits, and filter web content. Yes, it's that cool.

In order to improve their service, Curbi collects anonymous usage data and then shares some of their statistics at the end of each year. Check out this part:

The most popular amount of time spent online is between 30 and 60 minutes per day. This is a lot less than the what many studies show, but the curbi data covers their iOS devices only. Having said that, 30-60 minutes per day is a safe number according to any expert, which shows us that curbi is doing its job.

Studies show that the average American child spends eight hours a day in front of a screen. Yikes! I would wager today's kids spend more time with a tablet device than the TV. Admittedly, Curbi only measures iOS device usage, but it's still encouraging to know that children with Curbi are on their devices less than an hour per day.

Curbi's statistics also reveal the most popular social services among children. YouTube holds the number one position followed by Instagram. Facebook, which is favorite among, is third on Curbi's list. What this means for parents is that if you don't already have an awareness of YouTube and Instagram, now is the time to learn more. Create accounts on those services and follow your kids. Not so that you can be the creepy parent, but so that you can engage in conversations with your kids about the content they're viewing. It's not creepy if you talk about it.

If you're a parent looking to protect the content and amount of time your child spends on their iPad or iPhone, we strongly suggest signing up for a two-week trial of Curbi.

Rick Stawarz

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