Our best prices ever


You may have noticed that we've been experimenting with our hourly rate lately. Our goal is to be as attractive as possible to our residential clients while also reflecting the value of our business services. After many conversations with clients and mentors, we've decided to now offer the following pricing changes. You’re going to like this.

On site pricing

  • Home support: $80 per hour
  • Five Pack: $350 for five hours
  • Business support: $110 per hour

We hope that the new pricing encourages you to call as soon as you need help rather than waiting until issues spiral into unwieldy monsters. Don’t get us wrong, we like conquering monsters, but it’s easier to address them when they’re tiny.

This is the first time we’ve had a separate rate for homes and businesses. For those of who who rely on us to support your office’s equipment, we think you’ll be delighted to know our Apple Certified services are quite competitively priced.

Around the clock protection

In addition to our more accessible, on-site support rates, we are offering two brand new ways for you to save money and dodge digital potholes. These two services are PersonalCare and ProactiveCare.

PersonalCare: Unlimited phone support

Everyone has "quick questions," but not everyone has someone to call. We'd like to change that. For the first time ever we're offering unlimited phone support. The cost is just $25 per month per household, and we're calling it PersonalCare. Subscribers to PersonalCare can feel free to contact us with 15 minute questions. Any calls that go over 15 minutes will be billed for just the additional time in 15 minute increments. Sign up here.

ProactiveCare: Mac Monitoring

Macs are very reliable machines, but issues do occasionally arise. It’s not rare for clients to book appointments because of a failing Mac, disconnected Time Machine backup, or suspicion that a malicious app is running on the computer. In light of this, we're also announcing ProactiveCare today. ProactiveCare is a small app we install on a Mac that periodically scans for potential problems.

In our beta testing of this program, we've already detected a failing hard drive and a couple instances of malware. For those who cannot afford to have any downtime with their computers, we think $10 per month per Mac will be quite worthwhile for ProactiveCare. We also offer a family plan for $15 per month for up to 3 Macs. Sign up here.

We think that with these new services and pricing, you will see fewer issues and feel more control of the tools you use every day.