New Affiliate Locations


The quality service of Appinstructor is now easier to find in several more cities. Today, we’re announcing the Appinstructor Affiliate program. Affiliate locations are other Apple focused individuals who are certified by Apple or have Apple retail experience, are real-life nice people (truly!), and can solve problems with lighthearted professionalism.

Each of the Affiliates are people who we’ve personally known for a long time. We’ve swapped war stories, problem solved alongside each other, and helped to improve our respective companies. In short, we trust each other. We hope that through this Affiliate network, you can help recommend quality service to friends in other towns. 

Affiliates are located in Des Moines, IA; Nashville, TN; the Netherlands; Omaha, NE; and Salt Lake City, UT. To learn more about these locations, please click here.