Migrating Farmer's Market

Farmer's Market a little side project of mine (Rick). It's a podcast which tells the story behind several of my heroes on the web. I get to hear how projects are inspired, built, and launched, and I share those stories with you. There's a special emphasis on those who have served among the glorious and gory ranks of the Apple Retail staff. As you may have guessed, most non-nerds wouldn't be too interested in these conversations, and that's ok. I just do this for fun.

Recently, I migrated the Farmer's Market from it's distinct website to be now more closely under the Macinstructor umbrella. To look through our back catalogue of episodes and freely subscribe to new ones, click here

Due to the craziness of this season of life, the show is currently on pause. But don't worry, it will be resuming in a few short months. Thanks for listening!