iPad in Trial workshop in Sandestin, Florida

I had the great pleasure of being invited by Freedom Court Reporting to present at the 133rd Alabama Bar Association conference down in Sandestin, Florida. The workshop was called “iPad in Trial” and focused on introducing lawyers to the ideas behind using an iPad and demonstrations of various lawyer apps.

This workshop was different than others my team has done. Not only was it just an hour long, but it was one of the first times we didn’t simply drill through productivity apps. Instead, I wanted to give a quick run through of the differences between using a laptop and using an iPad. In my experience, many people still approach iPad productivity the same way they approach working on a PC.

Next, I demonstrated two extremely powerful attorney apps: TrailPad and TranscriptPad. The former is used for organizing and presenting case evidence during a courtroom trial. The latter is a sophisticated transcript review and export tool.

I’ve also created a list of productivity and lawyer resources which is viewable here. Thanks again to Freedom Court Reporting for the opportunity to connect with so many professional iPad users!