Increase Mac battery performance by going Flash-Free

<a href=""></a> <p></p><p>The internet has been abuzz lately over the discovery that Apple will no longer be shipping Macs with Adobe Flash preinstalled. &nbsp;(Flash is the technology used to view some content such as videos on the web.) &nbsp;Flash is a power-hog, and so by removing it, your battery life will be greatly improved. &nbsp;If battery is important to you, I recommend following John Gruber&rsquo;s steps for <a href="">removing Flash from your Mac</a>. &nbsp;But don&rsquo;t worry, he&rsquo;s got a great tip for those little moments when you may need it. &nbsp;I&rsquo;ve followed Gruber&rsquo;s prescription and am eager to leave behind my power cable when going about my day.</p>