How to install watchOS 2.0

Shortly after the arrival of iOS 9 for iPhone and iPad, Apple has now released watchOS 2.0 for the Apple Watch. Seeing as the device requires an iPhone, the process for installing the update might not be as apparent. Here's how to upgrade your Apple Watch.

  1. Connect your Apple Watch to its charger
  2. On your iPhone, open the Watch app
  3. Go to General → Software Update
  4. Tap "Download and Install"

Apple Watch updates take a while to perform. The file first downloads to your phone, and then your phone loads it over to the watch. You'll notice the watch restarting twice. The entire process probably takes 20 or so minutes, depending on your internet speed.

New Features

Upgrading to watchOS 2.0 is highly encouraged. You'll find some performance improvements, new watch faces available, and finally, the arrival of native, third-party apps. A common critique of the Apple Watch has been the speed of non-Apple apps. This was due to the fact that apps had to fully run on the iPhone. Now that apps can run natively on the Apple Watch itself, they're quite zippy.

To learn more about watchOS 2.0, click here.

Rick Stawarz

Minneapolis, MN

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