Delete MacKeeper now, here's how


MacKeeper is a malicious program oftentimes downloaded to users' computers because it's both heavily advertised on the web and self-described as something that will speed up your computer. To be quite blunt, it's a pile of cow poo. Not only does it hardly accomplish its advertised abilities, but it mucks up your machine and opens it up for potential hackers.

If you think you may have had MacKeeper on your computer at any time, you can download a little program called DetectX. This app will scan your machine for MacKeeper and then ask for your permission to fully remove it. Click here to download DetectX.

One final note about DetectX. It will remove several different kind of Mac utilities, including one that I actually do like, called CleanMyMac. CleanMyMac does good on the promise to remove broken files and clean up your computer. If you'd like to download CleanMyMac, click here. The developer of DetectX scans for all types of Mac cleanup utilities, both bad and good.

As you might suspect, if you run into any issues with any of these programs, feel free to let us know.