Happy with a seven year-old Mac.

<a href="http://52tiger.net/down-to-whats-necessary/">http://52tiger.net/down-to-whats-necessary/</a> <p></p><p>I often get the question, &ldquo;How long do you think this computer will last?&rdquo; &nbsp;People ask it in regards to both new and old Macs, and the answer is always the same: &ldquo;Unless your needs evolve and you treat the computer well, it will last as long as you want.&rdquo; &nbsp;</p>

The above linked article is a perfect case in point.  The author of the post is a writer and makes due with a rather “ancient” iMac G4.  (A client of mine actually donated one of these to me a few weeks ago.  She told me to clean it up and pass it off to a local homeless shelter.)  That’s why I think that if an average home user buys one of Apple’s brand new desktops, it really should last at least five or six years.

[via 52 Tiger]