Educational iPad Apps, Your Thoughts?

<p>I&rsquo;m preparing to give a workshop next weekend to some teachers in the area over using the iPad in the classroom. &nbsp;These fortunate teachers have already been given an iPad each, and they&rsquo;re looking for great apps to help both them and their students. &nbsp;Here&rsquo;s a list of apps I&rsquo;ve put together so far. &nbsp;If you&rsquo;ve got some time, please take a look and let me know if there&rsquo;s anything you would add to the list.</p>

After the workshop, I’ll post the final list of what I presented.

Symbol Key

No price Free

⊞ Universal App—runs on iPad, iPhone, and iPod Touch.

Compatible with a correlating Mac app.

Syncs with Dropbox.

More Apple apps


Pages ($9.99) 

Keynote ($9.99)

Numbers ($9.99)



Dropbox ⊞ ⌘ ⨂ Syncs files with Dropbox for Mac.

GoodReader ($.99) ⨂ Downloads files from email, Dropbox, Google Docs, etc.

iTeleport ($24.99) ⊞ ⌘ Remotely share screens with your Mac or PC.


Mental Case ($7.99) ⊞ ⌘ Flash card app. Downloads cards from Flashcard

Articles ($4.99) Wikipedia browser.

Wolfram Alpha ($1.99) ⊞ Fact finder, eg. What is the diameter of the earth? 


Calcbot ($1.99) ⊞ Calculator with history tape. 

Soulver ($5.99) ⌘ More powerful calculator.

Math Drills Lite Simple math quizes.


EMD PTE ⊞ Periodic Table of Elements.

Google Earth ⊞ Virtual 3D earth.

Solar Walk ($2.99) ⊞ Virtual universe simulator.  (Assign questions, eg. How many moons does Jupiter have? What are their names?)

NASA HD Same as Solar Walk, but with additional information on space exploration.

Brain Pop ⊞ Weekly podcast which teaches a lesson and then gives a quiz on the information. 


Virtuoso Piano ⊞ Virtual piano. 

Air Guitar

Magic Piano ($.99) Fun take on piano.

Bebot ($1.99) ⊞ Sound modifying robot.

Soundwaves ⊞White noise machine.

Notes & Documents

Simplenote ⊞ ⌘ Note taking app which easily syncs across iPhone & Mac.

Evernote ⊞ ⌘ More robust note taking. Also stores PDFs, pictures, websites. 

Penultimate ($2.99) Handwriting app.

1Password ($14.99) ⊞ ⌘ Securely stores passwords and other pieces of important information.

Dragon Dictation ⊞ Speech to text.

Mindnode ($5.99) ⊞ ⌘ Creates cloud-charts, known as mind-mapping.

TextExpander ($4.99) ⊞ ⌘ Creates text snippets which expand into full words or sentences.  Integrates into Simplenote and many other note taking apps.

Quick Office ($9.99) Mobile version of Microsoft Office. Downloads files from many web services.


Instapaper ($4.99) ⊞ Formats long web articles into an easily readable format which can be read later.

Kindle ⊞ ⌘ Amazon’s e-reader app.

Inkling New textbook app.  Very promising, but not too many selections right now.

Monkey Biz/Zoo you later ($4.99) Interactive kids book from Q Books.

ArtikPix ($17.99) ⊞ Speech pathology app. Helps kids practice specific sounds of speech.

Talking Tom Goofy app that repeats back what you say to it.

Web Reader ($4.99) Web browser that reads the site to you.

Sentence Builder ($3.99) Presents a picture and challenges kids to create a sentence which describes the scene.

Interactive Alphabet ($2.99) ⊞ Fun alphabet flash cards.

Parents Flash Cards ⊞ Flash card app for letters, colors, shapes, etc. Additional cards can be purchased within the app.


iColoring Book Lite Virtual coloring book.

Adobe Ideas Drawing app for older students.


Osmos ($4.99) Game based on physics where your “orb” uses its mass to absorb other orbs.

Midnight HD ($1.99) Flick and move particles with your fingers.

Uzu ($.99) Same as Midnight HD, but with a different twist.

Epic Citadel ⊞ Explore a medieval castle.

Wood Puzzle Shape puzzles for kids.

Splode ⊞ Goofy game where you try to get tiny creatures to wake up by bumping into each other.  Somewhat physics based. 


VLC ⌘ Plays videos not typically supported by the built-in iPad apps.

AppShopper ⊞ Great alternative to the App Store.  Shows you what’s on sale in a particular genre.

Additional Resources

AppShopper: Website full of app reviews

The Mac Instructor Blog:  My blog.  I occasionally post helpful apps, tips, and news related to the iPad and other Apple products. 

YouTube: If there’s a pricey app you want, chances are someone else bought it and made a YouTube video about it.  Try searching for the name of your app.

Speech Language Pathology Sharing: Blog of a iPad app developer/special needs teacher.

Google Reader or Mail RSS: RSS is a technology which can keep you up to date on blogs and news sites.  If the above blogs interest you, use RSS to stay up to date on them.

iPad 4.2 Website: Preview of the software update we’ll see in November.

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