Don't Keep Important Info in Address Book

What's stored in your contacts list? Recently, it came out in the news that third party iPhone apps have the ability to upload a user's entire address book list to their server without any of the user's knowledge. This means that your address book's content might be stored on someone else's computer. Here is an article describing how this was discovered, click here. This led one website to find out if any other apps might be uploading content. The findings were that many popular iOS apps were uploading address book contacts. Here's that article, click here. The reason why I'm sharing this news here is because I know many people who store sensitive information in their address book. I've seen passwords, social security numbers, membership numbers, etc stored in the Address Book. I highly recommend moving that information to a more secure database. The program I use for storing sensitive information on my iPhone is called 1Password. Its database is encrypted and protected behind two passwords. Here is a link to their website. There are other options out there which will make more sense for your particular workflow, but that's just the one I'm familiar with.