Apple Watch and New MacBook Announcement

Monday, Apple announced some exciting new products: the all new Apple Watch and a redesigned MacBook.

Apple Watch

Apple Watch is the first new product category we've seen from Apple since the iPad debuted a little over five years ago, and we can't wait to get our hands on one.

According to Apple, the Apple Watch does three major things:

  1. Notifications — Receive important text messages, emails, or phone calls straight to your wrist without pulling out your phone all the time. People who have used the Apple Watch already have said it makes them use their iPhones a whole lot less, which we are totally okay with!
  2. Fitness — Much like a Fitbit or Nike Sport Band, the Apple Watch will track all kinds of fitness data, including heart rate, calories burned, steps taken, and will even remind you to stand up if you've been sitting for longer than an hour. 
  3. Precise Timekeeping — Many expensive watches will fall out of accuracy over time, while the Apple Watch will always be accurate to within 50ms, which is not even perceptible to the human eye. It will change time zones automatically and even switch Day Light Savings time. You never have to set it yourself.

Our Thoughts on the Watch

We are cautiously excited about the Apple Watch. While having another reason to not pull out our iPhones all the time, we're worried about too much screen time. If managed correctly, however, we think it could lessen screen time because it would allow you to screen when you need to pull your iPhone out with a quick glance.

Which One Are We Buying?

I (Scotty) am definitely waiting in line on day one to buy one, just because I love the idea of a wrist computer. I think I'm going to get the Sport Model, with the Black band, but if I had unlimited money I would get the Black Stainless Steel version.

Details on the Watch

Here are a few key details to know about how and when to order your Apple Watch:

  • Pre-order date: April 10th
  • Release date: April 24th
  • Price: Ranges from $350 to a whopping $17,000 for the gold model! Pick yours out on the Apple Store app or at, linked here —
  • Gold Models: As mentioned, the 18K Gold models will be very expensive and hard to find. As of now, they will only be sold in five major unannounced cities. We're pretty sure Birmingham isn't one of them :(
  • Requires an iPhone 5 or later: Sorry iPhone 4 or 4S users, you'll have to upgrade.
  • Battery Life: 18 hours, aka a full day. You'll have to charge it every night.
  • Other Bands: Apple is allowing customers to buy other bands to mix and match, with a few limitations. Here's a great site called to see all the different combinations.


Apple also announced a brand new ultra-thin, ultra-portable MacBook, set to release on April 10th. It features a Retina display, a brand new casing, and showcases two new colors: Gold and Space Gray. It will get 9 hours of battery life due to it's new low-power processor. We think it looks amazing, and can't wait to see what they look like in real life.

One of the trade-offs that Apple made making it a mere 2 pounds is the removal of USB and Thunderbolt ports. The new MacBook only has two ports: a headphone jack and a new USB-C connector which handles charging the MacBook and connecting to other devices. Connecting other devices such as printers, displays, or USB drives will require an additional $79 adapter, which we're not so jazzed about, because it will make it a little harder to plug in your Time Machine drives to do those backups!

To read more about the new MacBook and see a hands-on video, the Verge has a great write-up. Also, below is Apple's reveal video.

Overall, it was a great event, and we're exciting to see these new products! If you want to watch the Keynote yourself, Apple has the video on their website.