Announcing Learning Center & Membership

Today, I am launching the biggest expansion to date of Mac Instructor services. Many have asked for a way to reinforce what we learn during the appointment. Well, starting today, you can now access instructional videos through an online Learning Center. These videos are recorded by yours truly, and my aim is to present training in the same style and manner I teach our sessions. I’ve enjoyed creating these videos and my hope is that it will keep things fresh in your minds as well as inspire you to embark on new projects. For example, you'll find videos covering Mac Basics and refreshers on the new features of Lion. I’ll continue to grow the video library and would love to hear your requests as well. Accessing the Learning Center requires a new Mac Instructor Membership. Membership is just $10 per month, and here’s the neat thing: not only will Membership let you access the Learning Center, but Membership also reduces your hourly in-home rate by $10 per hour. This means the Membership pays for itself after two hours of training. To sign up, click here. I believe that going forward, more people will be signing up for a Membership rather than Five Packs. I hope that the discounted training and Learning Center appeals to you. If you’d like to sign up, click here to start the registration. Thank you!