Admit it, you want a Remote Backup Strategy

You know you’ve reached true geekdom when you start thinking about remote backup strategies. You might even feel ashamed to say remote backup strategy out loud. I finally accepted who I am and created my own little remote backup plan. And trust me, it’s pretty little, but I think it gets the job done quite well.

Before I reveal my minimal plan, let me just iterate the importance of backup. On my computer are my wedding photos, entire music collection, home videos, and just about every document I’ve ever written (which used to fit on a little floppy drive). I employ Time Machine as my In-home backup, but if something were to simultaneously wipe out both my Mac and Time Machine, I might as well hire a photographer and costume company to recapture these memories. Tragically, some of my friends here in Alabama know this type of loss firsthand.

My parents live out of state, and I tend to visit them once or twice a year. So, I ordered a 1TB drive from DealMac for $50, and sent it to my parent’s house. Whenever I bring along a Mac, I use SuperDuper to clone my entire machine over to the 1TB hard drive. (CarbonCopy will do the job just fine as well.)

The turbo-dork might not be satisfied with this method, but it’s incredibly simple, backs up my most precious files, and unless my parents decide to betray their son, it should be a trustworthy system as well.

Rick Stawarz

Minneapolis, MN

I am an Apple Certified Support Professional with over a decade of experience supporting families, schools, and businesses. Tech has always captured my imagination, but it's not my only passion. I'm an ordained Anglican minister;  Aeropress is a daily ritual of mine; I've driven across Mongolia; and I'm the father of three girls. I hope to provide for you a balanced and realistic perspective into the practicality of technology.