Address Book Basics

<a href=""></a> <p></p><p>How would you explain Apple&rsquo;s Address Book to someone who hasn&rsquo;t used a computer before? &nbsp;If you think about it, the program isn&rsquo;t as straight forward as it could be. &nbsp;The plus buttons aren&rsquo;t clear and toggling between viewing and editing a contact is bizarre. &nbsp;Furthermore, if you want to send an email to one of your contacts, where do you click? &nbsp;It&rsquo;s not the email address! &nbsp;Jumping on Apple&rsquo;s analogy of a card index seems to help, but still, I find that for folks who&rsquo;ve never used a computer before, Address Book takes repetitive practice. &nbsp;I made this cheat sheet for my clients. &nbsp;If you think it needs some adjusting, please let me know!</p>