How to move Spotify playlists to Apple Music

Apple Music is Apple's new music streaming service that we're crazy about. $10 per month gives you access to millions of songs, human-currated playlists, and spot on recommendations. In talking to many of my friends about Apple Music, the reaction has been, "That's cool, but I'm a Spotify user." Today, I discovered a third party app that will actually move your Spotify playlists and music over to Apple Music.

Enter Apple Music

"Apple is passionate about music," Steve Jobs often said. Those who know Steve's history know that music genuinely shaped the man. After his passing, Tim Cook echoed these words, but they always rang hollow to me. Tim is an oppressions guy. Sure you love music, Tim. It's what launched the iPod and therefore Apple into the pockets of millions. Without the success of the iPod, Apple would not have had the resources to research, build, and ship the iPhone; which as we all know took Apple into the stratosphere. The cynic in me never believed the post-Jobs, "music is our passion" mantra. But that changed yesterday.

Our best prices ever

You may have noticed that we've been experimenting with our hourly rate lately. Our goal is to be as attractive as possible to our residential clients while also reflecting the value of our business services. After many conversations with clients and mentors, we've decided to now offer the following pricing changes. You’re going to like this.

How to back up your iOS photos to Google Drive

Many schools and businesses give their members accounts for Google Drive, which is Google's cloud storage service. A benefit to Google Drive for education or work is that users are given tremendously huge allotments of storage. In the case of Google for education, it's unlimited! This is a great opportunity to provide another location to back up your treasured photos.

Delete MacKeeper now, here's how

MacKeeper is a malicious program oftentimes downloaded to users' computers because it's both heavily advertised on the web and self-described as something that will speed up your computer. To be quite blunt, it's a pile of poo. Not only does it hardly accomplish its advertised abilities, but it mucks up your machine and opens it up for potential hackers. Let's talk about getting rid of it.

Scotty on the Productivity Show

Scotty recently had the honor of being a guest on The Productivity Show, a podcast dedicated towards getting the most work done with your technology. The shows host, Zachary, asks Scotty how to empower users to become their own IT person. In other words, what are the right habits of mind that help one reduce the amount of time fixing so that you have more time making. We encourage you to go check it out.

Solving Apple ID confusion

The Apple ID is becoming more and more powerful these days with the onset of new Apple services: iCloud Drive, iCloud (in general), iMessage, etc. But at the same time, it's becoming more confusing. Random messages pop up asking for our password, which one do you type in? iCloud password? Apple ID password? This article is designed to make that process a little bit easier to understand.