GTD in 15 Minutes

Incredible guide to GTD by Erlend Hamberg. I'm bookmarking this to send to people I fail to adequately explain GTD.

One quote stuck out to me:

Your tools should be fun to use—but not too fun! If you have a slow and complicated tool for managing your lists you will subconsciously resist collecting small tasks, and if your tool is too fun to use you will end up over-using it and spend time playing with its amazing features.

I am constantly guilty of this with my Apple products. I get so wrapped up in the rumors, software updates, and new shiny things that come from Cupertino that I don't do my actual work. 

If I just had that new 12" MacBook, then I could really focus and write more.

It is ironic because I run a branch of an Apple consultancy, Appinstructor, where I teach other people how to use their devices more efficiently. I spend so much time updating, fiddling, and admiring the craftsmanship of my tools, when often I should be doing something else. On the other hand, it is my job to know these tools inside and out.

I'm like a recovering glutton working in a candy store.

Since having my son, Noah, three weeks ago, my whole perspective has shifted. It's amazing what an innocent, perfect child will do for your focus and motivation. Babies might just be the ultimate GTD tool 😉

I've got lots of thoughts and feelings about fatherhood. Will share them soon. Until then, here's a picture of the cute little guy.