How to fix a severed MacBook charger


This simple repair can keep you from having to buy a new MacBook charger.

I love my cats, but their favorite things to chew are white, cord-like objects. In other words, all of my Apple chargers are constantly in danger.

My grey cat, Gracie, chewed on my MacBook Pro charger over 6 months ago and it has slowly worn to the point where it won't charge anymore. For those of you that know, a new MacBook charger is a whopping $80.00 1. Not something I want to shell out.

So I decided, enlisting the help of my Dad, to fix it myself. I documented the journey with some macro photography to bring all of you along.

Before we get started, let me cover the not-so-fun stuff first.

A Word About Liability

You are using this guide at your own risk. I am not liable for any damages, bodily harm, or any other ill effect that may come upon you or your property due to following this guide. By reading this article and putting these steps into practice, you release me of any legal responsibility for your own actions, or the effects of those actions, positive or negative.

Anyways, on to the repair.

Step 1: Verify This Guide Will Fix Your Type of Break

This guide only works for cables that are severed in the middle of the cable, not at the base (next to the white brick). I have not tried a repair that connects to the brick, but if I find a way, I will post it.

Step 2: Attain All Needed Tools and Parts

If you do not have any of these tools, you can pick them up at any hardware store, or you can buy them off the links here. I just used my Dad's [t]rusty tools.

Step 3: Make a Clean Cut

Step 4: Strip the Outer Cable Shielding

Step 5: Pull Back the Shielding/LED Braid

Step 6: Strip the Inner Power Cable

Step 7: Stick Both Sides of Cable Into Butt Connector Holes

I never thought I would use "butt" and "holes" in an article header ever.

Step 8: Crush the Butt of the Butt Connector, Connecting the Power Cables

Step 9: Test the Cable

Plug it in. If it works, move to step 10. If it doesn't, recheck your work and try again. Make sure the shielding is touching when you test it out.

Step 10: Wrap Once Vertically With Electrical Tape

Step 11: Wrap Horizonatally Around Cable with Electrical Tape

Step 12: Profit

Congratulations, you just saved yourself a bunch of money.

  1. Little known fact: If you make a Genius Bar appointment and take your broken charger, they can replace it for a reduced price, $60.