Choosing Comparison Quenches Creativity

You have something important to create, but if you compare yourself to others, you are choosing to stifle your own creativity. Consider this quote from my writing credo:

The success of others does not inherently label failure upon myself, unless I let it.

The key phrase here is, "unless I let it", because comparison is a choice.

It's easy to see the artists, writers, or creators you admire and think, "Holy crap, I can't do that." Guess what: you're right. You can't do what they do, even if you tried.

You were born to make what only you can make.

That doesn't mean you can't create with the same level of excellence, passion, or polish of those excelling around you. It simply means that when you do get there, it's going to look nothing like anyone else. It's going to look just like you.

So stop trying to emulate the success around you. Burn your comparison thinking and use it as fuel for your own fire. If someone creates something that blows you away, learn to celebrate with them, without that tinge of jealousy.

Make those you admire into a target you aim for, instead of the gun that shoots you down.