You Clearly Don't Know How to Make an iPhone

There has been a lot of great writing about the new iPhones lately, so I won't talk too much.

It's no secret that the tech press blew it this time about the iPhone 5C being Apple's new low-cost, free iPhone for the masses: even the mighty Gruber admits,

I got this one wrong.

My main takeaway from the iPhone 5C pricing is that Apple is adamantly standing their ground about who they are, and they are stating two things directly at tech pundits:

  1. You clearly don't understand what it takes to make an iPhone
  2. You clearly don't understand who we are.

Apple is not interested in pandering to the demands of the tech press. The tech world was so sure Apple was going to offer an iPhone 5C where the C stands for 'cheap' instead of 'color'.

Apple has, and never will be a company that makes 'cheap' products.  They've made that pretty clear.