Life Decisions and Technology

I was recently interviewed by Zack Sexton at the Asian Efficiency Podcast to discuss what it's like to raise kids in our modern age of screens and social media. We hit on a bunch of other topics, as well, including my own favorite tech tools and, how to snooze email.

Feel free to listen to the show here

The Meta Advisor: Episode 5

I recently had the privilege of being a guest on The Meta Advisor, a podcast produced by Jeff Spah for financial advisors. On the show, we discuss the idea of "life enrichment" events, which are learning opportunities hosted by financial advisors for the benefit of their clients. We discuss the growing complexity of cloud computing, owning multiple devices, and the need for ongoing tech education. Regardless of whether or not you're a financial advisor, if you're looking for ways to creativity add value to your client's lives, give this show a listen.

New Affiliate Locations

The quality service of Appinstructor is now easier to find in several more cities. Today, we’re announcing the Appinstructor Affiliate program. Affiliate locations are other Apple focused individuals who are certified by Apple or have Apple retail experience, are real-life nice people (truly!), and can solve problems with lighthearted professionalism.

4 Reasons Why Apple Products Are Secure

Even if you don’t use an Apple device of some variety, you certainly have heard of the technology giant. Apple’s domineering presence in the industry speaks volumes about the quality of their products, and their popularly must be indicative of something. This leads people to question the safety of Apple devices, and with the prevalence of identity theft and cybercrime, this is a necessary line of questioning. Can you trust your Apple devices? Are they safe for anyone to use?

Tip: Recover a Deleted File from iCloud Drive

As noted by Macworld, Apple recently added a new feature to iCloud that I think everyone will appreciate. We can now log into from any computer and recover information that's been deleted. This is huge! This applies to Contacts, Calendars, Reminders, and files stored in iCloud Drive. This new recovery feature allows you to pull data that's been removed for as long as 30 days. Here's how it works.

Set Up Parental Restrictions on an iPad or iPhone

Set Up Parental Restrictions on an iPad or iPhone

Right out of the box, the iPhone and iPad come with tools to protect your child. They’re called Restrictions, and these tools give you the ability to disable almost all of the iPad’s features, including restricting adult content from their web browsing. For young and older children, this is incredibly useful.