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Not too long ago, the device you take everywhere would have been considered magic. Its capabilities are staggering. Allow us to show that it's more than metal and glass. With the iPhone, iPad, and Mac, we will build, communicate, and accomplish more than ever. Choose your city to meet your Appinstructor, view pricing, and schedule an appointment. We'll see you soon!

Birmingham, AL Appinstructor

Scotty Loveless is a Certified Apple Consultant who has years experience working as a Genius at the Apple Store as well as a masters degree in education. You'll agree that Scotty is both one of the nicest guys you've ever met and one of the smartest. That's a rare combo. To book your reservation, choose a time below.

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Minneapolis, MN Appinstructor

Rick created Appinstructor shortly after the launch of the iPad in 2010. Throughout the years at Apple, corporate IT, and Appinstructor, he has helped many become more confident and capable with their Apple technology. He's especially passionate about helping families navigate through our over-screened age.

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