by Rick Stawarz

Experienced, Friendly, Enthusiastic

The story of Appinstructor begins in 2010. Rick Stawarz spent the five years at Apple stores in Chicago and Birmingham, growing his passion to enrich people's lives through simple yet powerful tech. He was frustrated, though, that Apple's world class customer service was limited to the walls of an Apple Store. Furthermore, the bustle and noise of a retail store isn't always the best learning environment. Time and time again, customers asked if there was someone who was willing to help within the quiet and comfort of their own home. And so, Appinstructor was born.

As the iPhone and iPad grew in popularity, more organizations saw the potential of these always-connected, easy-to-use devices to revolutionize the way they work. Appinstructor continued to grow, as well. Additional former Apple employees were brought on board. They made TV appearances, increase the number of home training opportunities, and to offer workshops for various sorts of teams.

Appinstructor has taken my mess of a computer, cleaned it up, and increased my knowledge as it pertains to my business and social media that my children will be exposed to.
— Kelly H.

In 2014, Rick completed his graduate studies and moved closer to family in Minneapolis, where he accepted a position with a Christian school as an Academic Technology Administrator. In addition to providing at-home support, the Minneapolis branch of Appinstructor now assists schools, churches, and families develop long-term strategies of raising up the next generation of innovators, designers, engineers, and artists who use technology with wisdom and passion.

Leadership of the Birmingham branch transitioned to Scotty Loveless, an Apple Genius who also holds a master in education degree. Scotty has continued to cultivate the Birmingham branch, which now serves over 300 homes and organizations across Alabama. His passions extend from simple troubleshooting to helping parents protect their children from the dangers of the web.

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