Certified support in the comfort of your own home.

Education isn't enough

Anyone can show you which button to push or give you a list of top apps. But how many techies give you a feeling of true confidence? With us, you will master technology and explore new potential.

Invest in productivity

There is a lot of work to do. So, why allow yourself to be surrounded by stacks of notes and lists in this day and age? Let us help you harness technology into a never-sleeping, always-sorting personal assistant.

Protect your Family

The internet opens the exploration of unimagined worlds. But like any powerful tool, it can also be abused. We can help you put measures into place so that your family is protected from unintended territories.

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(We serve Minneapolis and its immediate suburbs.)

Meet Rick

Hi, I'm Rick Stawarz. I’ve been an Apple professional for over a decade, but I am also a full time pastor of a growing church in South Minneapolis. Tech consulting has been a fun way to support my family through graduate school in Alabama. After moving to Minneapolis, I served as the campus tech administer at Minnehaha Academy where I deployed a fully managed iPad one-to-one program for nearly 400 individuals, created and taught a coding and robotics course called Innovation Lab, and helped parents understand the perils of our increasingly techno-noisy world. In 2017, I left MA in order to launch a new church in South Minneapolis.

The growing world of devices, passwords, and services seem to be getting even more complicated each year despite the promises of simplicity. If you are overwhelmed by keeping track of all of this, I would love to help! Book an appointment, and let’s get started.

Rick Stawarz
Minneapolis Appinstructor

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