Education isn't enough

Anyone can show you which button to push or give you a list of top apps. But how many techies give you a feeling of confidence? With us, you will master technology and explore new potential.

Invest in productivity

Why allow yourself to be surrounded by stacks of notes and lists in this day and age? Let us help you harness technology into a never-sleeping, always-sorting personal assistant.

Protect your Family

The internet opens the exploration of unimagined worlds. But like any powerful tool, it can also be abused. We can help you put measures into place so that your family is protected from unintended territories.

We have had 3 appointments with Appinstructor, and each time we appreciate how well it was worth the fee.  Rick and Scotty were both so knowledgeable, AND able to teach/convey that knowledge in a relaxed way that is easy to absorb.  The company is so efficient, reliable, and professional.  They are completely responsive to specific questions, and teach you how to solve the issues, not just relay a bunch of “steps”.  When they leave, you know you have learned something that will stay with you!
— Susanne & Ben W.


Training in the comfort and quiet of your own home. Simply pick the time you want us to show up, and we'll take care of the rest.

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Choose from one of our pre-packaged Courses to address common issues. Subscribe to Semesters for an even more robust plan.

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Streamline your teamwork by learning the productive edge of iOS, Mac, and iCloud. We'll bring your team up to speed in no time. 

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Those who live far from an Appinstructor can still receive personal training through our Remote Training appointments.

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Now serving over 300 households

Moving to Mac, iPhone, or iPad? Give Appinstructor a call to see why your neighbors have been choosing us for over four years! 



Experienced, Friendly, Enthusiastic

Our goal is to share our Mac and iOS knowledge with you while having fun. Whether you just bought your first computer, or you want to make sure you’re getting the most out of your iPad, our hope is that these lessons allow you to start using your Apple products to connect with friends, create inspiring projects, and maximize productivity.


The Story

Rick Stawarz is the Founder and Instructor at Appinstructor. Prior to starting Appinstructor four years ago, Rick spent five years working at Apple, both at the flagship store in Chicago and the Birmingham store. At Apple, Rick trained staff and customers, and he's answered nearly every question about the Mac, iPhone, and iPad. 

After repeatedly being asked if people could take him home with them, Rick decided to start Appinstructor. It quickly grew and now serves over 250 households and small businesses in Birmingham.

In 2014, Rick transitioned the leadership of the Birmingham branch to a former Apple Genius, Scotty Loveless. Rick moved to Minneapolis in order to be closer to family, where he launched another branch of Appinstructor. Whether it's organizing your photos, managing documents on the iPad, editing your next full-feature film, or just finding the iMac's power button, the Appinstructor team is here for you.


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